Songs of Peace.....
" May The Spirit Be With You "

 A collection of original songs 
performed by 
"The Spirit Ensemble" 

Walk In Sunshine
peace on the planet, love in your heart

Spirit Dance
music and joy is everywhere, you can feel the spirit dance in the air

Save The Land
land is all we have, so please take care, for all our children, they will be here

And It's Good
Love, Love, Forever you will fill me

Peace in Every Day
let's bring World Peace through our music, everybody just start singing

Up In The Sky
up in the sky my friend, you will hear, the happy sound of angels singing there

Live Well And Prosper
uplifting, exciting melody

You Are My Love
you are my love, always I'll be here by your side

Open Your Heart
let the light in, forever you will be free, to feel the love in the air

Love Is The Answer
love is the way to go

Everybody's Got A Heart
everybody's got a soul

Blessing Of Love
these are the ways we speak to you, rivers flowing love, we travel on

The Animal Song
I am a starfish under the ocean, I am a dolphin swimming the sea

Neal Backman  (drums)      Lynne Meryl ( vocals )        

David Wertman ( bass )
Ken LaRoche (saxophone and flute ).
Lynne Meryl, David Wertman and Ken LaRoche 

 Performing, writing and recording original World - Music 
for over 25 years.

 music of  a peaceful nature...

Creative Energy
World Rhythms
Rich Expansive Harmonies
Inspired Lyrics

Songs of Freedom.....
Songs of Love.....
Karen Copeland ( congas, percussion )
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